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School Bus Danger Zones

One life lost is one too many.

Despite every precaution, no matter how many warnings are distributed at every level of education, the unthinkable happens - somewhere a child is critically injured in a bussing accident. Bus companies, teachers and parents must never stop telling their children about the danger that lurks around our buses.

  • Stay out of the danger zone at all times!
  • Remember—if you can't see the driver, the driver can't see you!
  • Never go near the bus unless the driver has given you the signal to come!
  • Never, ever walk or play behind a vehicle!
  • When you go near the bus, always, always be sure you can see the bus driver!
  • If you drop anything in the danger zone leave it. Never, never stop to pick it up!
Picture of school bus danger zones. Know where the danger zones are.

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  • Every child must know the Danger Zones around the school bus.
  • Children should never enter the Danger Zone unless the driver has given them permission
  • If a child can touch the bus, he or she is too close
  • If a child must cross the street, know all the rules to cross safely
  • The 10 Giant Step rule is a good measurement for children to identify the Danger Zone around the school bus, particularly when crossing the front of the bus.
  • When near a bus, the children must have the attention of the school bus driver
  • Children should never play around or near school bus vehicles
Danger Zones
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