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Stop Here!

Pure and Simple, STOP for School Buses.

When a school bus stops to pick up or unload passengers, the upper red lights will begin to flash and the STOP arm on the side will swing out.  The lights will continue to flash and the STOP arm will stay out while the bus is stopped, allowing passengers to board or exit the bus and safely cross the road.

All motorists travelling in both directions must stop, regardless of the posted speed limit - 20 metres if you are coming from behind the bus, and a safe distance when approaching from the opposite direction.

The only exception is on a road divided by a median.  A median is a barrier - a raised or lowered, paved or unpaved strip dividing traffic travelling in both directions.  In this case, only vehicles coming from behind the bus must stop.

Graphic of where a car should stop behind a school bus where a median is present Graphic of where a car should stop behind a school bus where a median is not present
No Median

Motorists may proceed only when the lights stop flashing, the STOP arm folds away and the bus begins to move.

Beginning September 2005, Bill 73 comes into effect:

First Offence:

Fine - $400 to $2000
Demerit Points - 6

Subsequent Offence:

Fine - $1000 to $4000
Demerit Points 6 plus possible imprisonment

Within Community Safety Zones, the fines under the Highway Traffic Act are doubled.  Watch for signs, watch your speed and watch for stopped school buses.

Remember too, school buses are required to stop at all railway crossings, but they are not required to use the upper red lights. 

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Stop Here!
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