New Grade 9

Transportation Eligibility:

When students enter high school, the board’s minimum distance requirements for transportation eligibility changes along with the distance to bus stop criteria.  Secondary students must meet the following distance requirements to be eligible for transportation:

  • Grade 9-12 greater than 3.2km
  • Home to bus stop placement: Grade 9-12 up to 2.0km

If you are eligible but will not be riding the bus, we ask that you complete the opt out form in order to be removed from the bus list.

Transportation Schedules:

New September Grade 9 students must check their bussing accounts after Aug 15th to obtain their transportation information.  If you do not see transportation information by that date, please contact your school secretary.


To access or create your bussing account:

Step 1:

Click on Student Login/Parent Portal

Step 2:

Create an online account using a valid email address if you have not already done so.  Once you are in, click Add Student.

Enter your Ontario Education Number (OEN), school, birthdate and grade.  The OEN number can be found on the report cards and progress reports.

The credentials MUST match what the school has in their system.

Joint Custody students must reapply for joint custody transportation should they move schools and when they move from grade 8 into 9.  Please contact your school to arrange this.

Each summer, bus routes can change, new students come on board while others graduate and leave the system, which can impact stop locations, times and route numbers.  It is important for the parent/student to check each summer after Aug 15th, and again just prior to the first day of school to get the most accurate information.

Your transportation information will be displayed with route number, bus stop pick-up and/or drop off times, locations of the bus stops as well as the name of the Bus Operator and their telephone number. This route number is also on the window of the bus. There is a ‘printer friendly’ link should you wish to print a copy.

Should you need to update information due to a change in home address, please contact the school.  Neither the bus operators or their drivers can make these changes.  These changes cannot be processed through email or the phone, only through the school.

Once you have a valid account and you have added students, you are automatically subscribed to email alerts of any delays/cancellation postings.  Once you have obtained your route/run number, it is HIGHLY recommended that you download our free Bus Planner Delays APP for the smartphone, through the Google Play store or the Apple store.



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