Safety Tips

Important Safety Tips Every Student Should Know

  • get to the bus stop at least ten minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive;
  • do not roughhouse while waiting for the bus and stand back from the curb;
  • respect private property
  • line up single file to board the bus;
  • make sure the bus has come to a full and complete stop before approaching the bus;
  • always use the handrail when you get on and off the bus;
  • go right to your seat and sit quietly;
  • keep your feet facing front at all times;
  • always listen to your bus driver;
  • do not put anything out of the windows;
  • do not throw things while on the bus;
  • do not eat or drink on the bus;
  • never walk behind the bus; reach under the bus or push someone around a bus;
  • take ten big steps away from the front of the bus then proceed out to the crossing gate of the bus;
  • before crossing the street look both ways, listen carefully and always watch for cars.
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